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ACTION ALERT: Israel In Danger: Time for Americans to Take Action

ACTION ALERT from Greater Philadelphia ZOA:

While the Israel Defense Forces and other Israeli security agencies try to stop the Palestinian-Arab rocket attacks that are pounding Israeli cities and other communities, rioting, fires and other violence, and incitement against Jews — and civil defense agencies makes sure that shelters are open and ready — there are steps that we in the Diaspora can take to help. Below the advocacy items are links to analysis that will give you and others important background information about what is happening as well as the chronology.
At least three Israelis have been murdered in the rocket attacks and scores are hurt. Homes and schools and at least one passenger bus have taken direct hits.
As this email was compiled, Palestinian-Arabs had fired more than 700 rockets at Israeli communities during the past 24 hours – including some reaching Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

What Can Each of Us Do:

1. Advocacy (see details below).
2. Contact friends and family in Israel – let them know you are thinking about them and praying for their well-being. Try to reassure them.
3. Buy goods from Israel via Israeli websites (see examples below) and at local stores. A surge in economic support will boost morale as well as the economy. Due to the rockets and violence, businesses may need to close. Schools in the south are closed for now. Reservists may be called to duty which will take some Israelis out of the workforce.
4. Pray both for the well-being of Israel and for the success and safety of the IDF. Urge rabbis and other clergy to disseminate these prayers electronically – prayer helps! Also ask them to send out to the community ACCURATE news about what is happening since many people rely on anti-Israel media and thus are uninformed – and worse, believe that Israel is at fault.
5. Support ZOA. Your donations fuel our efforts to support and defend Israel. During these times we made need to send out special mailings or engage in other special activities. We may have a unity rally or other gathering and need you extra financial support now. See donation information below.
6. Fly an Israeli flag from your home and/or car. Wear an Israeli flag pin on your lapel, jacket, or shirt, blouse or cap. Show your solidarity and let others see it.
7. Share this ACTION ALERT with your email lists and post the Action items on social media.

Our Media Action Guide Updated

Our Media Action Guide Updated

The Iran deal, the “peace process,” the International Criminal Court, Israel’s upcoming elections, Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, the BDS movement, false accusations of medical “apartheid” – these topics and more will continue to be in the news media in the weeks and months ahead, and supporters of Israel can make a difference by being in touch with media decision-makers and by submitting letters to the editor. Contact editors and news directors and politely, calmly and concisely explain the fallacies and/or missing facts in their reports. Submit letters to the editor to explain context and dispute claims. And remember to be pro-active also to tout the many positive aspects of Israel or to let the media know about what Israel’s enemies are doing. Both of these are often unreported. Please see our updated Media Action Guide for contact information for dozens of news outlets at:


Be sure to check out and use our many other advocacy resources on our Website under the “Take Action” tab at www.philly.zoa.org

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In the past, from time-to-time, Greater Philadelphia ZOA has offered a Zionist Knowledge Quiz to challenge your trivia base – although these are not trivial topics. Here is another such quiz for your enjoyment/information.

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See Responses to Our Congressional Candidates Questionnaire

Though millions of Americans have already voted, we are two weeks away from what is formally known as “Election Day,” on Nov. 3 this year.

While the overwhelming focus is on the presidential election, all 435 members of the House of Representatives will also be decided during the election along with 35 seats in the Senate.

A key issue for everyone reading this email is foreign policy — specifically the Middle East and most specifically, Israel. While the president and his administration sets and guides foreign policy, Congress does play a role: from determining budgets and funding, to considering resolutions that are advisory but have little consequence, to passing laws, to holding investigative hearings that can shed light on a range of issues.

A candidate’s opinion and position on Israel and the Middle East therefore is important. Rarely during congressional campaigns is foreign policy an issue the candidates delve into with any depth. So Greater Philadelphia ZOA decided to ask candidates vying in select contests within our region their opinions/positions on key matters about and related to the Middle East and Israel. Some candidates opted to respond to our request while others did not.

The Zionist Organization of America is a non-profit organization and as such does not endorse candidates. The purpose of the questionnaire and our publishing of the responses is purely informational for voters. One should not read anything related to a candidate’s position on an issue based on the candidate’s failure to respond to our questionnaire. The answers that we received are published verbatim as they were sent to us.

To see the questions, who responded and what they had to say, plus our methodology, please go to: https://philly.zoa.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2020/10/candidates-questionnaire-2020-results-responses.pdf


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