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Greater Philadelphia ZOA’s “Information Ambulance” Is Rescuing the Truth from Jew-haters and Other Liars!

It has been said that “The truth is the first casualty of war,” and Greater Philadelphia ZOA aims to offer a remedy by fighting back. Too many anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, pro-murder, pro-terrorism, pro-destruction-of-Israel lies have been told in schools, by the news media, on social media, by politicians – and yes, in America’s streets! They


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Newsletter for November 3, 2023

Shalom ZOA Members, Friends and Supporters of Israel, We hope that our newsletter this week finds you and your loved ones well – all things considered. For those of you who are in Israel, or who have loved ones in Israel: We hope you are safe and/or your loved ones are safe there. You remain

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Biden to Propose Anti-Israel, Pro-Hamas Resolution to UN Security Council to Force Temporary Cease-Fire on Israel, Halt Rafah Offensive – Fox News

By Benjamin Weinthal FEBRUARY 19, 2024 JERUSALEM — The Biden administration is reportedly taking its goal of a temporary cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war to the U.N. Security Council as early as Tuesday. The administration is said to have proposed a draft U.N. Security Council resolution which in part would call for a temporary cease-fire and call on Israel not to go into Rafah in the Gaza Strip. According to Reuters, the U.S. text states in part that it “determines that under current circumstances a major ground offensive into Rafah would result in further harm to civilians and their further […]

Haaretz’s Chief Misrepresented Moshe Dayan’s Prescient Warning – ZOA’s Berney/Klein JNS Op-Ed

By Morton A. Klein and Elizabeth A. Berney, Esq. Morton A. Klein is the national president of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). Elizabeth Berney, Esq. is the director of research and special projects at the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). (FEBRUARY 15, 2024 / JNS) Aluf Benn, the editor-in-chief of the far-left Israeli daily Haaretz, published an article in Foreign Policy on Feb. 7 titled “Israel’s Self-Destruction.” The article used distortions, misquotes and falsehoods to justify and promote appeasing Palestinian Arab terrorism. In fact, history demonstrates that such appeasement causes the murder of more innocent Jews. Benn began his […]


‘The Delta Variant’ vs. the Jewish People

By Steve Feldman “The delta variant.” Who knows how many times over the course of the past few months that phrase has been uttered or written by media, by pundits, and by just plain folk on social media? What we never hear or read is “the India variant” — India was the source of the


Opinion | Temple Is Actually Protecting Professor Hill

By Steve Feldman He has falsely accused the Jewish state of poisoning the Palestinian-Arab water supply, practicing “apartheid” and training New York City police to kill black Americans — rhetoric that is bound to sow resentment against Jews and potentially incite violence. He wants the Jewish state of Israel eliminated and replaced by an Arab