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Gala Book: Promote Your Business, Congratulate/Thank Our Honorees

Greater Philadelphia ZOA is excited to announce our Gala Ad Journal/Tribute Book is now taking space reservations and that you can begin placing ads for a business or service; notices to congratulate and thank our Greater Philadelphia ZOA Gala honorees, Ruth C. and Mort Gleit, and Drs. Marguerite Werrin z’’l and Ronald Werrin; or to assert your support for Israel and/or ZOA. The deadline for ads and notices is December 13.
Please read this entire item as there are important instructions below.

National ZOA and ZOA’s regions throughout the country are teaming up to present the 2021 ZOA Virtual Superstar Gala on Sunday, Dec. 19. Speakers will include Israeli PM Naftali Bennett, former U.S. Sec. of State Mike Pompeo and ZOA National President Morton Klein. See the full lineup in the photo immediately below.

Our Gala Ad Journal/Tribute Book will be featured during the Gala, available indefinitely on the internet, emailed to our vast list and posted on social media.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to congratulate and thank our Greater Philadelphia ZOA honorees … and/or promote your business or service or a business or servive provider that you have a relationship.

Proceeds benefit the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the Zionist Organization of America’s educational, advocacy and outreach initiatives and programs.

There are three ways to place an ad or notice: on the internet, by mail or by phone. Please see below images of our brochure, a link to download and/or print out the brochure, and instructions about how you can support Greater Philadelphia ZOA by participating in the Ad Journal Tribute Book. If you have any questions, please call our Office at 610-660-9466.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Our 2021 Gala Ad Journal/Tribute Book brochure:

See a PDF version of the brochure which you can printout and/or download at: https://philly.zoa.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2021/11/gala-2021-ad-blank-form-reformatted-for-email-.pdf

Make a donation in exchange for an ad or congratulatory notice online at: https://interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/WebLink.aspx?name=E12503&id=38

Please take note: At each donation/ad/notice level/amount, there is a drop-down menu. Please be sure that you select Greater Philadelphia Region to designate that your donation goes to our chapter.









Announcing our 2021 Gala honorees!

Shalom ZOA Members, Friends and Supporters of Israel,

We hope that you and your loved ones are well.

We are delighted to announce our honorees for our 2021 Virtual Gala: Two truly deserving couples. Please see the graphic below for the names of our honorees. They will be part of a national lineup of honorees and speakers that will include Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, former United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and ZOA’s National President – our own Morton Klein. The Gala will take place on Sunday, Dec. 19, and you can enjoy it all from the comfort of your home!

In the coming weeks we will offer details about our honorees’ wide, varied and important activities on behalf of the Jewish People, Zionism and Israel.

Please join us in congratulating them and thanking them for all that they have done!

You can publicly thank and congratulate them with a notice in our annual Gala Tribute Book and Ad Journal, where you can also promote a business or service.

The Journal website and form will be available shortly. Check your email inbox. Please support Greater Philadelphia ZOA’s vital work with your notice or ad.

Call us if you would like more information or have questions at 610-660-9466.

Be Part of Greater Philadelphia ZOA’s Leadership

Greater Philadelphia ZOA plans to have elections later this year both for officers and for members of our Board of Directors. Your wisdom, experience, know-how and commitment to Israel and the Jewish People can help our chapter succeed and accomplish more as a part of our inner circle. Brainstorm and work closely with some of our region’s most dedicated Zionists to promote Israel and Zionism, strengthen the US-Israel relationship in our region and defend the Jewish community.

All members in good standing are eligible for consideration. To learn more, please call Executive Director Steve Feldman at 610-660-9466

Introduce Your Friends and Neighbors to ZOA

Earlier this month a wonderful couple in Cherry Hill hosted a Greater Philadelphia ZOA parlor meeting at their home and ironically the audience consisted of nothing but “actors on the stage”: Pro-Israel/pro-Zionist/pro-Jewish activists who truly commit their time, efforts and energy to helping the community. It was a pleasure to be in their company to discuss key issues, sharpen their advocacy/activism skills and of course to discuss all that the Zionist Organization of America does locally and nationally.

These attendees realize the heightened level of anti-Jewish activity throughout America and in our region — and that it cannot be thwarted by looking on passively. They realize – to cite a still-relevant adage: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Are you a strong advocate for Israel, Zionism and the Jewish People? Do you have friends, neighbors, colleagues or family members who share that passion and who want to get involved in educating the community, pro-actively strengthening support for Israel and the Jewish People and combatting Jew-hatred – or be more effective at what they are already doing? Do you want to let them know about ZOA and the vital work that we engage in?

Please consider hosting a Greater Philadelphia ZOA parlor meeting to accomplish all of the above … and more.

For details, please call Executive Director Steve Feldman at 610-660-9466.

ACTION ALERT: Israel In Danger: Time for Americans to Take Action

ACTION ALERT from Greater Philadelphia ZOA:

While the Israel Defense Forces and other Israeli security agencies try to stop the Palestinian-Arab rocket attacks that are pounding Israeli cities and other communities, rioting, fires and other violence, and incitement against Jews — and civil defense agencies makes sure that shelters are open and ready — there are steps that we in the Diaspora can take to help. Below the advocacy items are links to analysis that will give you and others important background information about what is happening as well as the chronology.
At least three Israelis have been murdered in the rocket attacks and scores are hurt. Homes and schools and at least one passenger bus have taken direct hits.
As this email was compiled, Palestinian-Arabs had fired more than 700 rockets at Israeli communities during the past 24 hours – including some reaching Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

What Can Each of Us Do:

1. Advocacy (see details below).
2. Contact friends and family in Israel – let them know you are thinking about them and praying for their well-being. Try to reassure them.
3. Buy goods from Israel via Israeli websites (see examples below) and at local stores. A surge in economic support will boost morale as well as the economy. Due to the rockets and violence, businesses may need to close. Schools in the south are closed for now. Reservists may be called to duty which will take some Israelis out of the workforce.
4. Pray both for the well-being of Israel and for the success and safety of the IDF. Urge rabbis and other clergy to disseminate these prayers electronically – prayer helps! Also ask them to send out to the community ACCURATE news about what is happening since many people rely on anti-Israel media and thus are uninformed – and worse, believe that Israel is at fault.
5. Support ZOA. Your donations fuel our efforts to support and defend Israel. During these times we made need to send out special mailings or engage in other special activities. We may have a unity rally or other gathering and need you extra financial support now. See donation information below.
6. Fly an Israeli flag from your home and/or car. Wear an Israeli flag pin on your lapel, jacket, or shirt, blouse or cap. Show your solidarity and let others see it.
7. Share this ACTION ALERT with your email lists and post the Action items on social media.

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