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The Newsletter: February 15, 2019 Edition

Shalom ZOA Members, Friends and Supporters of Israel, During the past week, Greater Philadelphia ZOA has gotten many calls from people who are concerned about the growing anti-Jewish and anti-Israel climate and actions. We have been asked mostly about Temple University Professor Marc Lamont Hill and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. ZOA has issued extensive reports on

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ZOA Applauds Pres. Trump’s Call For Rep. Omar To Resign Over Anti-Semitic Tweets

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has applauded President Donald Trump’s call for Rep. Ihlan Omar (D–MN) to resign over anti-Semitic tweets. Rep. Omar, a freshman legislator voted into office in the 2018 midterm elections, has an astonishing and disturbing record of anti-Semitic and extreme anti-Israel words and deeds.   When running for Congress, Rep. [...]

ZOA Exposé: Antisemitic Rep. Omar (D-MN) Funded by Israel-hating BDS Leaders and PACs-Remove Her From Committees!

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton Klein and ZOA Director of Special Projects, Liz Berney, Esq. released the following statement: Again and again, Israel-hating Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has displayed frightening, deep-seated, dangerous antisemitism and hatred towards the Jewish people.   Rep. llhan Omar falsely called Israel “evil” and an “apartheid regime.” She promotes anti-Israel [...]


Opinion | Temple Is Actually Protecting Professor Hill

By Steve Feldman He has falsely accused the Jewish state of poisoning the Palestinian-Arab water supply, practicing “apartheid” and training New York City police to kill black Americans — rhetoric that is bound to sow resentment against Jews and potentially incite violence. He wants the Jewish state of Israel eliminated and replaced by an Arab


Greater Philadelphia ZOA Responds to Criticism for Op-Ed

Shalom ZOA Members, Friends and Supporters of Israel, Last week, the Jewish Exponent newspaper published an op-ed written by our co-presidents, Lee Bender and Kevin Ross, and our executive director, Steve Feldman, that was sharply critical of the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) and its president for an event they had recently giving a platform