EBulletin for November 22, 2017

Shalom ZOA Members, Friends and Supporters of Israel,

As regular readers of our Greater Philadelphia ZOA emails and Web site know, the education system has become starkly anti-Israel, yet there are places where one might think there is a haven from the lies, slanders and indoctrination efforts. One might include a suburban free library or a course within a Jewish studies program as among the vestiges where enemies of Israel and the Jewish People have not yet gained a platform. One would be wrong.

Last week a local library showed a “documentary” about the “Golden Age of Spain” where Jews and Muslims and Christians all allegedly co-existed in harmony. Of course there was no mention in the film of “Dhimmitude” or the persecution of Jews and Christians by the Muslim ruling class, and the film concluded with a segment that was both virulently anti-Israel and attacked Orthodox Jewry. The film was made by someone who now works for the Council on American Islam Relations. ZOA leaders were at the screening and exposed the lies and bias in the film and let the audience and library officials know about CAIR’s history and the government’s conclusion that CAIR has direct ties to Hamas. We are working diligently to have a program at this library that discusses Zionism and Israel’s story in an honest, positive way. One of our members let us know about the above event and we were able to be present at it and discuss the matter with library officials prior to the screening.

Meanwhile: Who would expect a brutally anti-Israel film made by an Israeli to be a highlight of a course focusing on the Holocaust and anti-Semitism? Probably not pro-Israel students who take the course nor their tuition-paying parents. ZOA is working with a student who was assigned to watch such a film.

We will let you know about any updates with each of these situations. If you see or know about any anti-Israel or anti-Jewish activities in the region, please contact us via email or call us at 610-660-9466. Vigilance and challenging our enemies while informing those who are unaware of what our enemies are doing are two hallmarks of ZOA’s mission and our work.


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