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Greater Philadelphia ZOA’s “Information Ambulance” Is Rescuing the Truth from Jew-haters and Other Liars!

It has been said that “The truth is the first casualty of war,” and Greater Philadelphia ZOA aims to offer a remedy by fighting back.

Too many anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, pro-murder, pro-terrorism, pro-destruction-of-Israel lies have been told in schools, by the news media, on social media, by politicians – and yes, in America’s streets! They are eroding American support for Israel, the surveys show, and they are exacerbating an already unprecedented level of Jew-hatred.

Not every ambulance has a siren or flashing lights – nonetheless, every ambulance is on the street to make a rescue and to save lives.

Such is the case with Greater Philadelphia ZOA’s “Information Ambulance.” Our chapter has decided to rescue the truth from anti-Jewish propagandists and liars whose goal is to spread the sickness of Jew-hatred and resentment of Israel so as to reduce or eliminate Americans’ support for Israel, and to further spike Jew-hatred in America – jeopardizing Jewish lives in America, Israel and worldwide.

Please see photos of the Greater Philadelphia ZOA “Information Ambulance” in action below!

Greater Philadelphia ZOA’s “Information Ambulance” continues to make the rounds – this week rescuing the truth from anti-Jewish pathological liars and haters at various sites throughout the Main Line, the Penn Campus, Temple Campus, Center City and elsewhere – thanks to the generosity of you, our members and supporters.

We have added even more messages to our roster of facts and calls to action. Among the new messages: demanding that President Biden stop Iran (and including the White House phone number so that those who see our “information ambulance” can call and echo our insistence), our assertion that calling for Israel to “cease fire” is akin to asking the Jewish state to commit suicide, and a reminder to all Americans that Hamas and other terrorists who are attacking Israel today have their sights set on America as well.

Donate by check to:


PO Box 56

Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004.

Please notate “ambulance” on the memo line so that we can earmark it for this project.

Because of issues with our credit card processing site, please call us if you wish to donate by credit card at 610-660-9466.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to Greater Philadelphia ZOA’s mission to rescue the truth to help the Jewish community and Israel!

Have a suggestion for our “information ambulance” to be at to rescue the truth? Please email or call us! office@zoaphilly.org or 610-660-9466.

Please spread the word about this novel Greater Philadelphia ZOA effort – post photos of our “information ambulance” on Facebook, tweet them, add them to Instagram, and make slide shows for YouTube and TikTok. Doing so not only shows what we are doing – it also will help to rescue the truth throughout social media by disseminating these messages as well as the QR code – which has detailed information. Thank you in advance!

It has been on the campuses, in front of shopping centers, at a seat of government, at iconic landmarks and plying busy avenues — bringing the truth about the Middle East to tens of thousands of eyes throughout our region!

 Greater Philadelphia ZOA’s “Information Ambulance” continues to rescue the truth from the anti-Jewish prevaricators and propagandists in the media, the classroom, the campus, the political arena and the public square.

 Thanks to generous donors who have stepped up to support this campaign, more people are getting informed and enlightened about the present and the past.

 Help us keep this effort going!

 We have added messages, reserved more time and increased the number of locations our “Information Ambulance” will be! We are just beginning. Our ZOA chapter covers a lot of ground, and with your support, we will send our “Information Ambulance” to more places both within the city and further into the suburbs.