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You are most likely not yet thinking about Chanukah, which begins at sundown on December 10. But now is the time to think “Buy Israel” for the annual commemoration of a miraculous Jewish military and cultural victory. There are many opportunities to buy gifts from Israel such as hand-crafted jewelry or artwork, to Chanukiot, to chocolate gelt. Buying from Israel helps Israeli businesses that may be struggling with lack of tourism as a result of Corona virus restrictions and it helps counter the anti-Jewish BDS movement. When you search for products online, make sure that you are buying from Israeli businesses or products that are actually made in Israel. Some items can be purchased in local businesses including wines, or snacks including Bamba.

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On the topic of BDS, the combined tactics of boycotting, divesting from and sanctioning the Jewish state are becoming more apparent to others as merely as a manifestation of Jew-hatred as more Arab states forge open relations with Israel. Israeli media are filled with reports that Sudan will announce plans to “normalize” relations with Israel as early as this weekend thanks to the diplomatic efforts of the Trump administration along with prevailing trends in the Middle East. Khartoum, Sudan was where the famous “Three Nos” were announced by the Arab League in September, 1967 in response to Israel’s generous offer to relinquish nearly all of the territories gained in her Six-Day War victory – in exchange for peace with Egypt and Syria. “No peace with Israel, no negotiations with Israel, no recognition of Israel” said the Arab League.

Today while the Arab nations themselves embrace Israel and ramp up commerce with Israel, student groups and students ramp up their BDS efforts on campuses throughout America. Advocates for Israel can use the developments with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and soon Sudan to expose the hate and cynicism at the root of BDS.

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