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There is so much going on and so much to tell you about in this week’s Greater Philadelphia ZOA newsletter, beginning with the fact that Greater Philadelphia ZOA is seeking a part-time office assistant on a contract basis for our Bala Cynwyd location. Duties will include bookkeeping, answering the phones, filing, mailings and writing letters, and other clerical tasks. Applicants must have excellent phone skills and have full working knowledge of Microsoft Office software including Word, Excel and Outlook. To apply, please call Steve at 610-660-9466.

Please see later in this newsletter details about ZOA’s exciting upcoming Israel Mission, how your family can brighten an Israeli soldier’s day, an opportunity for you to counter BDS while celebrating Chanukah a little early, and also how to get some Israel-themed gifts for your loved ones at Chanukah – plus an upcoming pro-Israel advocacy event in Cherry Hill. Also, see a photo from our event this past Wednesday night with Our Soldiers Speak and Israel Bonds. See also a video about a new anti-Jewish threat facing America’s classrooms and what you can do to mitigate the impact. All of these – and more – below.

Experience Israel With the Zionist Organization of America!

For all details including itinerary, pricing and registration, click on the image above or the link below. You can also call the Greater Philadelphia ZOA Office at 610-660-9466.

More Problems Threatened for Jewish Students on U.S. Campuses

In our newsletters and other emails we have been informing you about the growing hostile environment for Jewish students on university campuses and even problems in high schools. Now, some Jew-haters want to make things even worse: Threatening to have an “intifada” in “every classroom” in America and “shutdown all the Zionists” on every American campus. They held an anti-Israel rally in Times Square on November 15 featuring speakers who announced these despicable plans to shut down free speech and intimidate pro-Israel students and speakers.

Please watch this brief video documenting some of these anti-Jewish/anti-Israel threats.  Video courtesy of MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute.

If you are a parent or a grandparent of a student in a college or university, or one who will be going to college or university in the next few years, please reach out to the dean of students, the university president or other officials to make them aware of this plot and to ensure that steps are taken to prevent this threat of an “intifada” — violence and disruptions — from happening on their campus. Show them this video. Ask what they think about the video. Ask them what steps they are taking now, and what will they do to prevent it?

If you are a donor to a university or an alum, please also contact school officials to let them know about the plans of the enemies of the Jewish People to bring the violence perpetrated against Jews in Israel to U.S. institutions.

An Important Election Effecting the Present and the Future of Jewry

See the two images below for details:

Call the Greater Philadelphia Chapter Office at 610-660-9466 to schedule “Coffee With Steve.”

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Israeli soldiers and border police can use some warmth – warmth in the form of cards and letters from American children who want to thank those in uniform who serve to protect our homeland and our Israeli cousins and allies.

Each year the Zionist Organization of America runs a campaign to get schools and congregations to have their students create “thank you” cards and letters for the soldiers and police that our ZOA Mission participants personally deliver to the young Israeli men and women in uniform as they visit IDF and Border Police bases and installations. The men and women of the IDF are deeply touched by the expressions of gratitude from young Americans.

We welcome individual cards and letters from your kids or grandchildren for this project.

Please get us your cards and letters by January 20 so that we have time to collect them all and send them to Israel in advance of our mission. Cards and letters can be sent to our Office. From there they will be sent to our National Office and from there to Israel where our VIP Leadership Mission participants will pick them up and-deliver them to the soldiers and border police. Please send them to: Greater Philadelphia ZOA, PO Box 56, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please call the Greater Philadelphia ZOA Office at 610-660-9466.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

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